10 Simple Decorating Tips to Improve Your Living Room, The Most Crucial Room in your Home

The living room is a space that we like to relax in and hang out with friends, and for many of us it acts as a television room or den. In order to improve it, follow these 10 simple decorating tips …

First of All, Do What You Love and Make It Right for You

When decorating your living room, determine your decorating style—not your best friend’s, your mom’s, or your next-door neighbor’s. Finding furniture, accessories, and colors that reflect you, your tastes, and your life story are key to a successful living room design because you’ll end up with a room that you love to be in and that others love, too. (Better Homes and Gardens)


Remove Unneeded Objects and Furniture

Stand in the doorway of your living room and get a sense of how the energy feels in the room. Does it feel old or new? Are there too many books? Is there an excess of furniture? You want to make sure that your living room isn’t cluttered with too many objects. All objects have a vibration and you need to have space to relax and think. (Sophie Keller – The Huffington Post)


Color The Walls For Relaxation

Make sure that the room is warm, comfortable and welcoming. If it needs a new coat of paint or if the walls need to be washed, do not hesitate to do so. White, earth tones or gentle pastel colors work well on the living room walls. When you decorate, think about what makes you want to relax. (Sophie Keller – The Huffington Post)


Mix Your Styles

You can mix old and new, formal and casual, neutral and bold to make an inviting and comfortable space. A neutral-toned sofa and armchair introduce contemporary lines while custom draperies add a touch of tradition. (Southern Living)


Use mirrors to increase light

Mirrors can transform a small, dark room into a space that feels lighter, bigger and more open. Hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light into your room, or place them behind accessories such as candles or flowers to enhance their effect. (UKTV)


Use your books

David Hicks, the great pioneer of table arranging, always said that placing your objects at varying heights was essential in good design. An easy way to switch it up is to take the stack of art books and place it in the middle of your table, placing a vessel atop of that, and then to build around this focal point. Or, for a more dramatic look, make the high stacks of books that serve as sculptural forms in and of themselves. (apartment therapy)


Fix the lighting

Improve your interior lighting. Guests in your living room should find themselves in a well-lit atmosphere with chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces and mood lighting. This array of ornaments uplifts the interior of your living room, offering your guests a warm and luxurious environment. (Lamudi)


Clean those forgotten spots

Yes, a good house cleaning, in particular, is a great way to make a home feel better for FREE, but don’t forget about those forgotten spots! They’ll let more light in (aiding to spaciousness) and just make a space feel better. (apartment therapy)


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